Festival 2019

Bella-Tromba - Bledington

The 2019 concerts included stellar performances from:

Bella Tromba –

An award-winning British chamber ensemble, exploring the world of trumpet quartet music.

The Albion Quartet

They brought the house down in 2017 and were fantastic this year also.

ZRI – Zum Roten Igel

An amazing group who bring the atmosphere of The Red Hedgehog Tavern frequented by Brahms and Schubert to our Festival.


The following was written by a member of the audience who attended all three concerts this year:

‘Stand well back, she’s going to blow! ‘

I’m referring to Bella Tromba, of course. Who knew brass instruments could produce so many different sounds? But everything was possible in the hands of such talented and enthusiastic players, even bird song and peals of bells, and some new pieces came alive through the composers’ explanations.

We came home enlightened and energised by the rip-roaring Gershwin that ended the evening.

The Albion Quartet offered a sparklingly refreshing examination of fugue in some of the greatest chamber music. It’s fascinating to watch the players communicating with the almost imperceptible twitch of an elbow or eyebrow which in this case urged ever more intensely exquisite nuances of expression. Walton’s second string quartet was beguilingly poignant in its contemplation of English Romanticism’s blend of wistfulness and renewal in the post-war years. It seemed so appropriate to perform it in an English country church.

And then there was ZRI … ‘ yes it’s Schubert, but not as we know it!’ Part music, part theatre- there was so much exuberance, but in all the musical excitement there was never anything less than a profound regard for Schubert’s brilliance. Max Baillie rode out an inner storm while clutching his violin as if his life depended upon coaxing out its extraordinarily soulful voice, often sharing a grin of sheer delight with the long-limbed clarinet player who could barely contain his desire to dance. Indeed, it was a wonder the audience resisted leaping to their feet to join in.

I cannot believe how fortunate we are to have the chance of enjoying such a feast of good, live music on our doorsteps, and I ‘m grateful of the chance to thank Rodney Beacham and the team for all their hard work.

If you missed out this year, I understand he is already planning for June 2020.

As you probably know our performers also take some time to educate the local school children on various aspects of music and performing, which is always very much enjoyed by the children.

Here are a few of the images from this year’s concert and School visit.


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